Company Profile

P M Consultant strives to add value to Enterprise/s (Business) at various stages of enterprise.

PMC offers Effective and Efficient MSME ( Business ) Solutions for Showrooms, Manufacturing and Service Enterprise.

PMC offers solutions at various stages of the Enterprise namely :

  • Start up - Build up solutions
  • Ongoing Enterprise – Improvement and Growth solutions

These solutions are offered in two options:

Direct Consultation:

Here face to face interaction, visits are undertaken on agreed time at you factory, store or office. This has its own advantage and limitations. Personal visits adds to expenses.

Digital Consultation:

Big companies manage their multi location Divisions/ Branches through policies, instructions , telephonic call, video calls and reports. Management does not remain physically present at the factory/store/office.

There are certain areas where personal visits to your plant is not required and hence Digital solutions can be an cost effective solution.

PMC offers digital consultation which brings new ideas and is cost effective solution for managing Startups and ongoing companies.

Please refer details on Areas of Consultation in Entrepreneurship (Business) Solutions

We Deliver:

Clarity | Confidence | Performance Improvements | Guidance | Training | Growth Solutions