Employment Online Solution

A. Resume Writing ( New | Editing )
i. Fresher to 5 years experienced
 (market Price around Rs 2000)
Rs. 999
ii. Above 5 years to 10 years Experience
 (market price around Rs 3000)
Rs. 1999
iii. Above 10 years Experience
 (market Price around Rs 6000)
Rs. 2999

B. Visual Resume                                     Rs. 1599

Cover Letter : A tool to differentiate your application
i. Regular
(Complements your Resume thereby Inviting Interview)
Rs. 499
ii. Customized
(for specific job vacancy to impress Recruiter)
Rs. 699

Combo (Resume + Cover Letter ) 25% discount on Any of above combination regular price

Interview Solutions : To impress Recruiter and get Job
  (Preparation | Confidence Multiplier)
i. Basic Tips
(max 30 min )
Rs. 500
ii. Advance Tips specific to your CV
(max 1 hour. Requires your CV study)
Rs. 999
iii. Mock Interview : Personal or Through Video
(Best Solution which multiplies your confidence, gives you better salary and Terms of Job)
Rs. 1999
iv. Follow up to assess your improvement (optional) Rs. 9999

• Combo
(Resume + Cover Letter + Interview )
Discount 25% on Regular price

• Linkedin Value added Profile Rs.999

• Employment Path Designing
(Total Solution. Best Option)
Quote against request and detail

• Employability Improvement
(Better salary | Better Terms)
Quote against request and detail

• Career Change Solution
(Industry change | Functional area change | Other)
Quote against request and detail

• Job in your preferred Industry Quote against request and detail

• Many others Customized Services (Available against request) Quote against request and detail

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